The Buyer’s choice

At WJP Brokerage Limited, we specialise in accountancy firm mergers and acquisitions and are passionate about finding the best fit for your business. Providing a highly confidential research and introduction service we are able to find the most lucrative deals for you and your business.

We understand that it is a seller’s market and so the success of buyers to ‘manufacture’ deals lies almost exclusively in their ability to find and pitch to the best prospective sellers. This is where we come in! We are experts in identifying your target market place and specialise in approaching the market on your behalf.

Using our mergers and acquisitions nous, we can open doors that would otherwise remain shut and are able to retain your firm’s anonymity while we do the hard work for you. As most firms would prefer to liaise with an independent third party (reassured by the confidentiality and added advice this gives them) often we can make the difference in a company registering their interest where others cannot.

Also, as we act on a NO SALE, NO COMMISSION basis, which means you only pay commission after successfully purchasing or merging following our introduction. So whatever your business goals, WJP Brokerage has the proven track record to help you realise your financial goals and realise your business dreams.

Dedicated to finding the right seller for you