The Seller’s Advantage

At WJP Brokerage Limited, we appreciate the crucial role that professional advice can play in achieving a stress free sale.

With vast experience in safeguarding your anonymity, we recognise that, when it comes to a sale, discretion is key. So, you can rest assured that neither your staff, your clients nor your competitors will hear about your potential sale until such time as you are ready to tell them in a controlled and appropriate manner.

With expertise in not only sourcing buyers but also finding the right fit, we can ensure that your sale remains optimal and that you remain in a position of strength throughout the entire process.

It is a common misconception that people only sell their accountancy firm to retire. We have worked with many firms where the partners either want a change in career, or are looking to merge in order to rapidly expand their wealth.

So whether you are looking for opportunities to merge or sell your business, we pride ourselves on being efficient and effective; a safe set of hands to manage your deals and to make your selling experience as painless and lucrative as possible!

Dedicated to finding the right buyer for you